Why Is Spotify Playing Random Songs? – Possible Reasons and Solutions

Hey there music lovers! Are you tired of your carefully curated Spotify playlists being interrupted by random songs? We hear you, and we understand the frustration and disruption this unexpected feature can cause. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you identify and fix the issue of Spotify playing random songs. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through this annoying problem so you can get back to enjoying your favorite tunes without any interruptions. Let’s dive in!

Potential Causes Why Is Spotify Playing Random Songs?

Spotify Playing Random Songs

Okay, let’s unravel the mystery behind Spotify’s seemingly random song selections.

  • One major factor could be your listening habits. Spotify’s algorithm takes into account your listening history to suggest new songs it thinks you might like.
  • Another cause might be Spotify’s Autoplay feature, which plays similar tracks when your music or podcast ends. This is designed to keep the music flowing seamlessly, but it can often feel random if the songs are not from your chosen playlist.
  • There’s also a possibility that Spotify’s advertisements, particularly if you’re using the free version, are disrupting your listening flow.
  • Lastly, your Discover Weekly and Daily Mix playlists could also be culprits. These playlists are generated by Spotify’s algorithm based on your listening history, but the selections can sometimes feel random.

Spotify Playing Random Songs Possible Solutions

Shuffle Settings

One feature that may be leading to your seemingly random Spotify songs is the Shuffle settings. Spotify offers two modes: Shuffle and Smart Shuffle. Shuffle, as the name suggests, shuffles your playlist and plays songs in a non-sequential order. This could explain why you’re hearing unexpected songs. On the other hand, Smart Shuffle aims to provide a more balanced listening experience by ensuring no artist or album is overplayed.

If you’re not a fan of surprises, and prefer your playlist to play in order, you can simply disable the shuffle feature. On your Now Playing screen, you’ll find an icon that looks like two intersecting arrows. If it’s green, shuffle is on. To turn it off, just tap it so it changes to gray.

Keep in mind that shuffle mode is reactivated every time you restart Spotify or select a new playlist, so you might need to turn it off more than once. Remember, you’re in control of your music experience on Spotify.

Enhance Feature

Spotify Playing Random Songs on its Own

Another interesting aspect of Spotify’s toolkit is the Enhance feature. Designed to spice up your playlists, Enhance adds similar songs to your playlists based on the tracks you’ve already added. For example, if your playlist contains a lot of indie rock songs, Enhance might sprinkle in some new tracks from emerging indie bands. While this can introduce you to new music, it can also lead to unexpected songs popping up in your listening session.

Not a fan of Spotify playing DJ? No problem! You can easily disable the Enhance feature. To do this, go to your playlist and find the Enhance toggle at the top of the song list. If the toggle is blue, it means Enhance is activated. Tap it, and it will turn gray, indicating that the feature is off.

This way, your playlists will stay exactly the way you curated them, free from unexpected tracks. Just remember that like shuffle mode, the Enhance feature may reactivate when you start a new session or select a new playlist, so keep an eye on it if you prefer your playlists unchanged.

Playlist Radio

Ever wondered what happens when your playlist ends? Enter the Playlist Radio. Once your playlist concludes, Spotify automatically triggers a radio station based on the songs within your playlist, queuing up similar tracks you might enjoy. So, if you’ve been rocking out to some classic rock, expect to hear tunes from similar bands once your playlist wraps up.

It’s Spotify’s way of ensuring the party never stops, but it can sometimes feel like random songs are being thrown into the mix. But don’t fret! You can avoid this by disabling the Autoplay function. Just head to your settings, scroll down until you see “Playback,” and toggle off the Autoplay feature.

With this done, your playlists will end when your last song finishes, and Spotify won’t surprise you with additional tracks. Remember to always double-check this setting when using a new device as your Spotify preferences don’t always sync across multiple platforms.

Queue/Playback History

How to Stop Spotify Playing Random Songs on its Own

What’s up, Spotify savants? Have you ever considered your Queue or Playback History as a reason for Spotify’s song randomness? Accidentally queuing songs or not clearing your previous playback history can cause unexpected tunes to pop up. When you queue songs, they are set to play after the currently playing song or after the last song in the queue, which can sometimes disrupt your intended playlist order.

Your playback history, on the other hand, might influence Spotify’s algorithms, leading to seemingly random song selections. But worry not! You can easily manage your queue and clear your playback history. To view and edit your queue, go to the Now Playing screen, and click on the queue icon on the right. To remove a song, swipe it left or right.

As for your playback history, unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t currently offer a way to clear it. However, you can always start fresh by creating a new account if it’s a significant concern. By taking control of your queue and understanding your playback history, you’ll be better equipped to fine-tune your Spotify listening experience.


That’s a wrap, music aficionados! We’ve taken a deep dive into why Spotify might be playing random songs, and more importantly, how to take back control of your listening experience. We learned that Shuffle settings, Enhance feature, Playlist Radio, and even your Queue and Playback History could contribute to unexpected tunes cropping up.

Remember, you can manage these settings to better tailor your Spotify experience to your preferences. Give these solutions a go, and let the rhythm of your favorite tracks flow uninterrupted. Why not explore other amazing features Spotify has to offer? From personalized playlists to podcast recommendations, Spotify truly provides a vast universe of music and audio content at your fingertips.

Embrace this opportunity to discover and connect with new tunes, artists, and genres. And hey, don’t forget to share your experiences and music discoveries with us and your fellow listeners. Together, we can help each other make the most of Spotify’s diverse and dynamic platform. Let the music play on!

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