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Best WordPress Plugins & Tools to Use in 2022

    Do you want to boost the number of visitors to your WordPress site or blog without investing a lot of money? Do you wish to increase the functionality of your website in order to meet your objectives? Then you should check out some of my favorite WordPress plugins and tools.

    Almost any function you can think of has a tool or a plugin for it. If you want to establish a forum using WordPress, bbPress is the way to go. Use RankMath to improve the ranking of your sites in search engines like Google.

    In addition to image editing software, hosting providers, and theme-finding websites, I’ve included them in my WordPress toolset. Let’s get this party started right now.

    Best WordPress Tools & Plugins to Use

    Best WordPress Plugins 

    Some of these WordPress plugins and utilities are completely free, while others need a monthly membership. Some plugins, like RankMath, are completely free. It basically means that you may start for free and then upgrade when you’re ready.

    RankMath – SEO Plugin

    RankMath is preferable in my opinion owing to its expanded features. It helps a website fulfill even the most stringent SEO standards. It employs the most up-to-date SEO methods to aid you in determining what’s wrong with your content. RankMath suggests making a few changes as you progress from novice to expert. You can utilize the plugin to provide your site with a lot more functionality.

    Its features include:

    • Using Google’s Knowledge Graph to Manage XML Sitemaps
    • Scheme maker and importer that is simple to use
    • Google Analytics and Search Console integration
    • Rankings for certain keywords are being tracked
    • The ranking of keywords for postings is done
    • Without a hitch installation
    • The user interface is attractive and straightforward.
    • Advanced SEO analytics reports

    The list could go on indefinitely. It’s the most effective plugin for increasing organic traffic to your website. Even if you utilize the free version, the plugin will provide a lot of features. There are several functions to experiment with. Here’s a tip: use the functions only when they’re really essential.


    I’ve been using MonsterInsight for a long time. It’s one of the most effective WordPress analytics plugins available. The user experience is quite appealing to me. The user interface is simple and straightforward. It also includes all of the tracking tools you’ll ever want in a single plugin.

    Its features include:

    • Google Analytics reports with the most information
    • Search engine ranking reports
    • Third-party plugins like Yoast and WooCommerce are connected smoothly.
    • E-commerce reports that go into great detail
    • Tracking is done on a global basis
    • Analytics in real-time

    The plugins enable you to better understand the journey and evolution of your site so that you may take relevant action. MonsterInsights, in my opinion, delivers on its promises and makes analytics more accessible to newbies. It’s an absolute must-have for any WordPress site.

    Slider Revolution

    It started off as a WordPress plugin in 2012 that allowed you to add a slider to your pages and articles. It has, however, grown into something more than a WordPress slider plugin. This plugin may now be used to create a WordPress site or blog.

    features :

    • There are over 200 website, content, and media templates to choose from
    • In the drag-and-drop editor, there are over 200 eye-catching’ Hero’ components
    • Sliders and carousels are just a few of the design components that stand out

    A large library contains all you need to know about building a WordPress website or blog. You can make any image dynamic with over 25 add-ons. Change the look and feel of the sliders, from dynamic range to overall appearance. It’s an excellent WordPress site builder.


    You’ll need a landing page whether you’re a marketing or an entrepreneur. If you’re a WordPress user like me, OptimizePress is a simple plugin that allows you to design beautiful landing pages. It may also be used to create digital items and membership sites.

     features of OptimizePress:

    • Increase sales by offering incentives.
    • Analyze the information and make any required changes
    • Make landing pages and opt-in forms.
    • Create lead generating and sales funnels

    That’s all you’ll need to get started selling your goods and services online. Whether you need to generate lead magnet sites or webinar registration content, OptimizePress has you covered. It also simplifies the creation of departure pop-up forms and email confirmation pages.

    LiteSpeed Cache

    The performance of your site has never been more important than it is now, thanks to recent Google improvements and Core Web Vitals. And using caching is the most effective approach to speed up your website. In this case, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin comes in handy.

    It’s a one-stop-shop for speeding up your WordPress site in minutes. It also has server-level cache and optimization settings. I strongly suggest you utilize this WordPress solution to quickly speed up your website.


    You could also wish to provide help or engage with your website’s visitors for another purpose. LiveChat is a great way to improve customer service while also making income. It allows you to include live chat and support into your WordPress site with ease.

    LiveChat comes with a number of features, including:

    • To make purchasing easier,
    • display product cards.
    • consumers have a pleasant experience while they’re with you.
    • Integrate with over 200 technologies, like TeamViewer and WooCommerce, to automate your discussion.

    You may use LiveChat on any device, from Messenger to Email, WhatsApp to SMS. Yes, your WordPress site isn’t the only way to communicate with your consumers. If you wish to provide speedy assistance, use the LiveChat WordPress plugin.


    It’s a fantastic WordPress plugin for creating a beautiful and timeless discussion board.

    Here are some of the most stunning features of bbPress:

    • It’s simple to put up and inexpensive.
    • An easy-to-understand and-implement design.
    • With only one click, you might have complete integration.
    • It is possible to create multisite forums.

    You can create an endless number of topics, manage responses, and establish user profiles using bbPress. Asgaros Forum, Forum Engine, BuddyPress, and other forum plugins are among the many options.

    Important Note

    Only use them if it’s really necessary. As you add more plugins to your WordPress site, it will get slower. As a result, I usually advise utilizing the fewest plugins feasible. Make a list of all the tools and plugins you’ll be utilizing. Don’t utilize a lot of plugins to do the same thing.

    If you already have YoastSEO, don’t use RankMath to optimize your site for SEO. This is the situation since both plugins have virtually the same functionality. If you wish to use RankMath Analytics to access your site’s analytics, don’t install Google’s Sitekit.

    That is it for the day!

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