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6 Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android

    Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android: The complexities of parenting in the digital age can be daunting. In order to protect their children from online dangers, parents must have an effective strategy to monitor and control internet usage. Luckily, there are many parental control applications available on both iOS and Android to assist parents in this mission.
    However, when selecting a suitable parental control app, parents should carefully evaluate a variety of factors. Some apps are designed for younger children and offer basic features such as screen time limits and content filters. Today In this Article we will talk about the best parental control apps for iPhone and Android devices.

    Qustodio Parental Control App

    Qustodio is an all in one parental control app with comprehensive controls that can be tailored to a child of any age. It offers a wide range of features to keep kids safe, such as blocking adult content, specific websites, and games. You can also set time limits on a per app basis or for overall screen time.

    It provides 30 day reports on your child’s activities, and it even tracks SMS use and calls. Additionally, Qustodio offers remote management capabilities so you can stay in control of your child’s device no matter where they are. Its geolocation feature enables you to track their location, while its panic button sends out alerts if the phone goes missing.

    With customizable filters and activity alerts, this app helps protect children from cyberbullying and potential online predators. Finally, this powerful app ensures the utmost privacy by allowing parents to share data only with those who have their express permission.

     Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android
    Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android

    Nintendo Switch Parental Control

    The Nintendo Switch console has become popular amongst children and teens. With the Switch Parental Control app, parents can easily monitor their children’s gaming activities.

    This app offers limited supervision and control, but allows parents to see daily and monthly gaming summaries. Parents can also limit the duration of game playing, as well as filter age appropriate games to ensure their children are playing safely.

    Though the app is free, it does not track other device activity or locations, so an additional paid app may be required for full parental control.

    The Nintendo Switch Parental Control app offers parents peace of mind that their kids are playing responsibly.

     Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android
    Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android


    FamiSafe is the ideal parental control solution that helps parents easily monitor their children’s online activities. It offers advanced features such as location tracking, geofencing, app blockers, schedules, web filters, activity reports, YouTube viewing history and more.

    Its suspicious photo and text detection protects kids from inappropriate content. It is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Amazon’s Kindle, and Windows PCs.

    With subscription plans at only $10 per month for up to five devices or $60 per year for up to 10 devices, it is great value for money with a 7 day free trial and unlimited customer support.

    Parents can feel assured of having full access to their children’s online activities without worrying about any hidden costs.

     Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android
    Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android

    Norton Family Premier

    Norton Family Premier is one of the most popular parental control apps out there, offering parents a comprehensive suite of tools to help them monitor and manage their children’s online activity. With Norton Family Premier, parents can easily block sites, set time limits, and even shut down devices during specific hours of the day or night.

    It also offers web supervision, so you can keep a log of all the sites your kids are visiting. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows desktops. And for a yearly subscription fee of just $50, it doesn’t limit the number of devices you can have on an account, so you can install it on any device your kids use.

    However, many reviews in the App Store and Play Store suggest that Family Premier isn’t always working correctly. Also, the iOS version is limited, and the Android app no longer lets you block calls or monitor text messages.

    Despite this, Norton Family Premier is still a great option for those who need a comprehensive parental control solution.

     Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android
    Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android

    Kaspersky Safe Kids

    Kaspersky Safe Kids is an invaluable parental control app, that enables parents to secure their children’s digital activities with a selection of impressive features. These features include setting limits on screen time, tracking location, setting geofences, blocking harmful websites and apps, recommending age-suitable content, and providing advice from child psychoanalysts.

    The price of Kaspersky Safe Kids begins at $21 per device annually, making it one of the most affordable options for families who require parental controls across multiple devices. Each device can also be customized to tailor the level of protection to each individual child.

    Moreover, Kaspersky makes backing up and synchronizing settings between devices simple and stress free, giving parents the assurance that their kids will always remain protected, wherever they go. Finally, Kaspersky has a straightforward interface that is effortless to set up and use even for the less tech savvy.

     Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android

    Microsoft Family Safety

    Microsoft Family Safety is a parent-centric app designed to provide families with extensive and secure control of their kids’ online activities. This free-of-charge application enables parents to observe their child’s device usage, impose time limits on apps, observe reports about their kid’s driving, and prohibit content on Edge.

    Although free of charge, to take advantage of its premium features, you will need to acquire the Microsoft 365 Family subscription for $99 each year. Not only does this offer access to Office, 1TB of cloud storage, antivirus protection, but it allows parents to tailor the level of authority they have over their children’s devices.

    From setting time restrictions on certain apps to barring certain sites, mom and dad can be confident their offspring are properly using their gadgets. Plus, if the child attempts to gain access to a blocked website or app, parents can get notifications.

    To sum up, Microsoft Family Safety is a superb parental control app providing parents assurance that their children are secure while on the web. With its variety of features and adjustable controls, Microsoft Family Safety renders it effortless for parents to monitor and guard their children’s online activities.

     Best Parental Control Apps for IPhone and Android

    Apple Screen Time

    Apple’s Screen Time app offers some of the best basic parental control features available. It’s easy to access from Settings > Screen Time on the device you want to set controls on. With it, parents can set restrictions on downloads from the App Store, content, and in-app behaviors, such as in-app purchases.

    Parents can also limit the amount of time spent using the device, including controls for specific apps. Furthermore, parents can stop their child’s device from requesting specific permissions, such as photos and location.

    Unfortunately, Apple’s Screen Time doesn’t offer some of the more powerful features found in other apps, such as geofencing. But if you’re looking for basic restrictions, Apple’s free option is a great choice. Plus, it’s made by Apple so you’ll only find it on iOS devices.

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