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Why does Ring Doorbell keep Going Offline and How to Fix it Quickly

    Why does Ring Doorbell keep Going Offline: Did you ever experience any problem with your Ring Doorbell becoming unavailable despite having a functioning Wi-Fi connectivity? Many others feel the same way if that’s what you’re thinking. Several individuals have undergone this issue with their Ring Doorbells and are questioning what is leading to them going offline.

    This blog post will cover the various reasons why Ring Doorbells can experience connectivity issues and offer corresponding solutions for each cause. Continue reading for a list of possible causes behind why your Ring Doorbell is offline when its Wi-Fi connection remains active, as well as solutions that may help.

    What causes Ring Doorbells to go offline?

    Ring Doorbells are specifically created to give non-stop surveillance but could experience downtime despite having active Wi-Fi. Multiple reasons could be responsible for this happening. Below are a few reasons for Ring Doorbell goes offline even when WiFi is connected.

    Internet Connection

    Your Ring Doorbell can go offline despite being connected to Wi-Fi due to problems with your internet connection.

    Test the internet connection on another device like a laptop or tablet first and your Ring device may have a specific issue if another device can use the internet without any issues but your Ring device cannot.

    If you ascertain that the issue lies with your internet connection then rebooting your router is recommended, this can be done by unplugging it for a few seconds and then plugging it back in. To solve any temporary issues refreshing the connection can be helpful.
    You might encounter a weaker Wi-Fi signal strength and lose connection if your Ring device is situated far away from your router. You can enhance signal strength and ensure a stable connection by either bringing your Ring device closer to the router or utilizing a Wi-Fi extender.

    Low Battery

    One of the most common causes of a Ring Doorbell going offline is a low battery. Models that run on replaceable batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can experience this. A low battery may cause the device to lose connection with your Wi-Fi network. Luckily, solving this issue is quite straightforward.

    Start by checking your Ring app for any notifications regarding a low battery. The battery needs recharging or replacing when a notification is received. To optimize performance in devices with replaceable batteries, select only top-quality, name-brand batteries.
    Make sure your Ring Doorbell stays connected to the Wi-Fi network after charging or replacing its battery. Suppose your device keeps disconnecting. In that case, you should consider investigating alternate causes for the problem like issues with your internet connectivity or interference by other gadgets.


    Another potential reason for your Ring doorbell going offline despite having a working WiFi connection is interference. Various devices in your home such as baby monitors or other WiFi-enabled security cameras, can interfere with your Ring’s signal.😐
    To check for interference, start by unplugging any nearby devices that could be causing it. You can also try moving your Ring to a different location and seeing if the signal improves. In addition, you can try changing the WiFi channel on your router, as some channels may have less interference than others.

    If you continue to experience interference issues with your Ring doorbell, you may want to consider investing in a WiFi range extender or a mesh network system to help boost your WiFi signal throughout your home.

    Why does Ring Doorbell keep Going Offline
    Why does Ring Doorbell keep Going Offline

    Firmware update

    Your Ring doorbell might keep going offline despite being connected to Wi-Fi due to outdated firmware. To find out if there are any firmware updates ready, you should sign in to your Ring app and navigate toward the settings menu. Proceed with the installation for any available updates from that location. Make sure your Ring doorbell always functions at its best by regularly checking for firmware updates. Updating your firmware can often fix the issue of your Ring doorbell going offline.

    power supply

    Your Ring doorbell may continue to lose Wi-Fi connectivity despite being connected because of a potential problem with the power supply. A reliable source of power is necessary for your doorbell to remain constantly online and active. A malfunction or shutdown of the device can occur in case of power supply issues.😔

    Examining the connection between your doorbell and its power source by checking the wires may reveal any potential issues with the power supply. In case of any wear and tear, the doorbell may experience unexpected shutdowns. In case of seeing any issues, it’s best to replace the wiring immediately.

    How do I know if my Ring doorbell is offline?

    The device status within the Ring app provides information on whether your Ring doorbell is online or offline. Locate the status indicator by opening up the app and selecting the desired device. The indicator on the device will display Offline or Disconnected if it is offline.

    Furthermore, you may realize that no notifications or live feeds are coming in from the device. In case your doorbell does not work as expected even though it’s not offline, check if it’s been properly set up with power connected along with ensuring reliable internet connectivity. If necessary try restarting the system. In case the problem persists, you could consider contacting Ring customer support for more assistance.

    How To Fix A Ring Doorbell That Keeps Going Offline

    Ring Doorbells are now among the most favored smart home gadgets available today. While being away from home, monitoring our front door is possible. What happens if your Ring Doorbell goes offline repeatedly? You can relax now as we are here for your help!

    Ring Doorbells are now among the most favored smart home gadgets available today. While being away from home, monitoring our front door is possible. What happens if your Ring Doorbell goes offline repeatedly? You can relax now as we are here for your help!

    Steps to Follow

    • A faulty Wi-Fi router could be a reason for the frequent disconnection of the Ring Doorbell. By power cycling, or turning off and then on again, the router can often fix any issues that are occurring. You should check whether your Ring Doorbell has reconnected to the Wi-Fi after bringing up your router again.
    • If your router is located far away from your Ring Doorbell, the Wi-Fi signal may be weak, causing frequent disconnections. Moving your router closer to the Ring Doorbell can improve signal strength and help to keep it connected.
    • Keeping your Ring Doorbell updated with the latest firmware is crucial. Bug fixes and other improvements are often included in these updates to help avoid connectivity problems. See if there are any updates available for your device by checking the Ring app.
    • If you have tried all possible options listed above and still facing disconnection issues with your Ring Doorbell, contact customer support. They can assist in identifying the issue and might even provide a new device if required.
    Why does Ring Doorbell keep Going Offline
    Why does Ring Doorbell keep Going Offline


    What happens if Ring Doorbell loses WiFi connection?

    The doorbell has an ability to record videos locally without depending on Wi-Fi network but when disconnected from internet it cannot sync videos with cloud. Immediately after reconnecting to Wi-Fi, the doorbell will upload its recorded footage onto the cloud. Optimal performance of Ring doorbells requires a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

    Do Ring Doorbell record all the time?

    Ring Doorbells begin to record only after detecting movement or when someone pushes its button by default. Despite this, there is an option available to enable a feature named Continuous Video Recording (CVR) which lets the doorbell record and save video footage constantly. Despite that fact, having a Ring Protect subscription is required for using this feature which can cause an appreciable surge in both storage usage and battery consumption.

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