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TOP 10 Crypto Coins To Buy In 2022 For High Growth

    The most well-known crypto coins are probably Bitcoin and Ethereum, but what about the rest? You may invest in a number of different crypto currencies, but not all of them are worthwhile. This post will show you the top ten crypto currencies by market capitalization in the year 2022.

    Here is my top 10 crypto coins list for 2022:

    • Velas
    • Phantom
    • Vechain
    • Shiba inu
    • Dogecoin
    • wagyu swap
    • Paribus
    • Cardano
    • Hex
    • XRP
    TOP 10 Crypto Coins To Buy In 2022 For High Growth


    Velas If we look at the price chart of Velas , it was sitting right around 38 cents and has since come back down with the rest of the market, but right now, at the time of this article, which is the beginning of January 2022, it is sitting right around 34 cents.

    The entire market is slipping. You can see bitcoin, ethereum, and a lot of these crypto coins are in deep red. There are still some crypto coins that are doing pretty well for their investors, and Velas is one of those crypto coins.

    Let me explain what Velas is and why I believe it might be a top option for 2022. It’s a decentralized ecosystem that allows anybody to use blockchain technology for free. It’ll happen in a flash. This ecosystem is being built and millions of dollars are being invested. Velas is the quickest EVM chain in the race to catch up to Ethereum 2.0.

    it’s a fork of Solana with embedded EVM integration. The mainnet also launched in 2019. They just partnered with Ferrari at the end of the year, in 2021. They also just hired a new CEO. You can buy it directly from Onuniswap, pancake swap, wagoo swap, kucoin, and many other massive centralized exchanges.


    FTM is approaching three dollars, which is your number two coin that I think is set to explode and is actually exploding. If we take a look at the chart, it seems to be defying the entire market and re-approaching its all-time highs.

    Let me tell you a little bit more about FTM and why I think this coin is genuinely unique. Phantom is a single platform with infinite possibilities. Phantom is an open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and decentralized applications that is quick and high-throughput. It has its own blockchain.

    Here’s why you would want to utilize phantom:

    It’s about

    • scalability
    • security
    • and performance

    The abft consensus protocol from Phantom provides unrivalled speed, security, and dependability. Transactions are virtually instantaneous, and costs are quite minimal. Phantom is providing a unique defi experience to its consumers. It’s everything contained in a single Defi Suite. With near zero costs and rapid transactions, you’ll be able to mint trade, lend, and borrow digital assets right from your wallet.

    This is for everyone, and if you’re a developer, you can use solidity and tools you already know, such as remix truffle and metamask, to build on phantom.


    vechain is a little bit of a higher market cap. You can check the market cap is already six billion dollars. This cryptocurrency, though, I believe, can go back to its all-time high. If we take a look at it’s all-time high right around 25 cents. It has been trading sideways for the last few months and it looks like it is sitting right on its trend line right around the eight to nine cent mark.

    The vechain is a public blockchain that derives its value from actions carried out by ecosystem participants to address real-world economic issues. The vechain is a blockchain platform that aims to improve supply chain and corporate operations. Its purpose is to leverage distributed ledger technology, or dlt, to simplify these procedures and information flow for complicated supply chains.

    There are two types of tokens on the vechain network. Both the Vchain token vet and the Vchain thor energy are used to transmit value over the Vechain network, with the latter currently being utilised to power smart contract transactions involving energy or gas.

    Shiba inu

    Fourth cryptocurrency coin gem that is currently down significantly from its all-time high is Shiba inu. Shiba inu is one of the best crypto coins out there. To me, it would have just a very small little bit of exposure because it’s been deemed a meme coin, but as you know, it has come all the way back down to previous all-time highs and this could be a very nice time to actually accumulate some of this crypto.

    Let me share with you even more about shiba and why I truly believe this is more than just a meme coin. Shiba inu is a decentralized meme token that evolved into a vibrant ecosystem. Shib, leash, bone and shiba swap have an innovative reward system. With the shiba incubator as well as shiba nfts they now have a 585000 member community and it is growing fast.

    Shiboshi’s is the new nft club that you can gain access to if you own one of these and if you click on the gallery tab you can see the result of all 10,000 holders. Some of these are not even on sale yet. Another thing that Shiba has is something called a shiba swap and the total value locked is more than 5.47 million dollars.

    That’s literally half a billion dollars locked up in their ecosystem at this time. If you buy the shib token, leash token, and the bone token, you can then actually take these tokens and put them to work for you. This is called yield farming.


    The reason I feel Dogecoin is one to watch is that Elon Musk is a believer in it, and if he tweets about Shiba and Doge, something happens to the price. However, we’ve seen how parabolic this cryptocurrency has become. I honestly feel that if things continue to grow with this crypto, it may make some tremendous swings back up to the upside. Both Shiba and Doge are massive, and people act irrationally with these meme currencies.

    They just buy them because they think other people are going to buy them, and then that makes more people want to buy them, and then they go absolutely parabolic. If you don’t know what parabolic means, it means straight up in a parabolic type curve. The key is to actually get in before it goes parabolic, and then once it starts going parabolic, sell and take some profits.

    Dogecoin, which is currently trading at 12 cents, has the potential to reach all-time highs and beyond. I believe that if we get close to a dollar, people will send it there, which would be a nice 10x on your money from the time of this article. For all of these reasons, I believe Dogecoin will win in 2022, just as it did in 2021. It was one of the best crypto coins of 2021.

    TOP 10 Crypto Coins To Buy In 2022 For High Growth

    Wagyu swap

    This crypto coin went absolutely parabolic in the last few months because people were front running and getting in before the decentralized exchange launch. If you go to the wagyu swap app, you will see you can stake and swap, and there’s also going to be a lot coming very soon. When you click on the staking tab, this is where you can earn some ridiculous APY. BY clicking on the pools tab, you will see that you can earn approximately 387 percent annually just for buying and staking the wagyu swap token.

    I truly believe in this project because, we can see literally millions and millions of dollars locked in liquidity on this farm. It also has first mover advantage with the velas network and because it has this going for it, it’s very early days. If you take a look at pancake swap, you will see it blasted all the way as high as approximately twenty dollars, came back down to ten, and then did another 4x all the way up to right around 41$.

    Pancake swap is definitely down as well, sitting at 11$. Again, this is because there’s a lot of cell pressure on a lot of these defi coins and right now at the time of this article, defi is not the hot narrative like it was last year, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t resurge and can have another defi moment. So wagyuswap is definitely one of the riskier cryptocurrency coins, sitting at a market cap of only 23m million dollars, it definitely has some massive moves to the upside if it can compete with the likes of uniswap and pancake swap.


    Paribus has done some amazing work coming to approximately0.04, which is four of a penny. We have no idea what will happen with this cryptocurrency, but sitting at a market cap of only 56 million dollars, I truly do believe this one could absolutely moon in 2022.

    Let me explain what paribus is and why I believe it is unique. Paribus is a Cardano based cross chain borrowing and lending protocol for nfts liquidity situations and synthetic assets. As defi progresses, innovators are identifying game changing methods to hold and express value on the supply chain. Paribus’ objective is to help these assets reach their full potential by transforming them into interoperable financial instruments that can be utilized with defi protocols on any chain.

    The traditional investing landscape is being consumed by Defi, which is bringing fresh utility to places that have stayed unaltered for decades. Paribus is the protocol that puts all of these factors together, providing a platform for defi holders and innovators to expand the reach of their digital assets and positions, doubling their earning capacity.


    Cardano is one of the best crypto coins that I believe will burst in 2022 and beyond.It has been crushed in recent months, falling to 1.32. So grab some Cardano right now. Even though the market cap is sitting at 41 billion dollars, if this cryptocurrency could do something like Ethereum, a 10x is definitely not out of the question.

    With all the partnerships coming to Cardano , I do see this ecosystem actually booming and once it does, I think this could be a coin you definitely would have wanted to pick upright around the dollar mark. Of course, this is not financial advice, but I see some opportunity in Cardano, especially since it is down -57 from its all time high.


    Your 9th crypto coin is hex . If you would have bought this cryptocurrency at its all time low you would be sitting at literally hundreds of thousands of percent. A few years ago hex was at 0.0001, today it is sitting at approximately 0.22$ and its all-time high was right around the 50 cent mark.

    This cryptocurrency is designed for you to buy and hold at stake, and it actually rewards you for doing so, as you can earn up to 40% interest just by holding it. The real kicker with this cryptocurrency is that not only can you earn interest with it, but it has historically continued to rise.

    I do own a lot of these crypto coins that I’ve been talking about in this article, especially hex, but the truth is that the reason I talk about them is to not pump my own bags. Personally, they’ve already accomplished an absurd amount on their own without my knowledge. A coin like hex has done so well for me, I truly believe that it could potentially do that for you.

    You have to do your research and you have to understand when you’re getting into these projects, because if you bought hex at 50 cents, you’re down more than 54 cents on your money. That doesn’t necessarily mean that hex is a bad project; it just means that, unfortunately, you ended up buying whatever someone else was selling, and this is where education comes into play.


    The 10th most valuable crypto coin in 2022 is XRP. I believe XRP is set to explode if they resolve their issues with the sec and it is relisted on many other exchanges. I believe XRP could return to all time highs and beyond. This is one of those coins that, if you look at the chart, trades sideways for years and years and years, does nothing but bore you to tears, and then all of a sudden goes absolutely parabolic.

    It’s an XRP based native digital asset that can settle transactions in three to five seconds. Without the requirement for a central middleman, you may transmit XRP directly, making it a useful tool for connecting two distinct currencies. It is more scalable, less expensive, and quicker than any other digital asset. XRP is already being utilized to power cutting-edge payment technologies.

    XRP processes 1500 transactions per second 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has the capacity to expand to the same throughput as visa. Without the energy expenditures associated with proof of work or mining, the XRP ledger instantly resolves XRP transactions.

    So there you have it, my top ten Crypto coins for 2022. It’ll be interesting to revisit this article at the end of the year to see how we did. I truly believe that if the bull run continues, these coins will have massive potential. Of course, these are just my opinions; you should conduct your own research.

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