The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs for Your Home in 2022

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs: Whether you are looking to make your home safer, more energy efficient, or just fresher-smelling, smart LED light bulbs are the way to go. With their ability to dim and change colors according to your mood and activity, they really make your home feel like it’s part of you instead of just something you pay the mortgage on every month. If you’re looking for the best smart LED light bulbs on the market, here are our favorites as of 2022.

Govee Lynx Dream LED Lights

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

The Govee Lynx Dream is a smart light bulb that can be controlled remotely. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The bulb has a variety of settings and works best with home automation systems like Wink, SmartThings, and IFTTT. This product is available on Amazon and comes with a one-year warranty. There are some disadvantages to this product. The brightness is not adjustable so it might not work well as a reading lamp. There are only 16 colors to choose from which may not offer the same level of customization as other products have

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Additionally, if you need to change bulbs often due to power outages or just replace old ones with new ones, then this would be an inconvenience because you would have to take care of each individual bulb individually. Overall though the price point of $40 for two bulbs makes this a fairly affordable option for those who want wireless control and automatic schedules without spending too much money on those features.

Wyze Light Strip Pro

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

Wyze has a variety of products to help you out with your smart home needs. One such product is the Wyze Light Strip Pro, which provides ambient light and can be used as an alarm clock or mood lighting. It emits a soft, white glow similar to that of natural sunlight and can be set to change colors or have a preset color pattern. The strip itself is just over one foot long and about three-quarters of an inch wide, so it can be installed on any wall without taking up too much space. You can also cut it down to size if necessary.

Plus, there are other options for installation including hanging it off of a wire hanger or affixing it onto a magnet to attach it to metal surfaces like window sills. And because this light is powered by USB instead of being plugged into the wall outlet like most other lights, you can position it anywhere near an available power source.

This means that not only does this lamp provide more than enough illumination when reading in bed at night; but you don’t need additional outlets to use different lamps around the room at once because they’re all going through USB ports.

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Philips Hue A19 Smart Light Bulb

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

For those who want to buy a smart light bulb that is easy to set up, has a lot of features, and comes from a reputable company, the Philips Hue A19 is the way to go. These bulbs are compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you will be able to control them from your phone as well. They also have preset moods that you can choose from such as reading or relaxing.

These lights are perfect for those who need lights on a schedule since you can program them based on your needs. The one downside is the price; these bulbs are more expensive than other options but they last longer and produce better quality light.

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Kasa Smart Light Bulbs

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting, the best smart LED light bulbs will make your life easier. Most of these light bulbs are dimmable and can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically, saving you electricity costs. Kasa Smart Light Bulb is the best smart light bulb on the market. It can be controlled through voice commands, and it has a timer that allows you to set a schedule so the lights turn off at different times of the day.

If that weren’t enough, it also integrates seamlessly with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT! The best part? It’s affordable. You can buy one for $34 (which is a great deal)! These are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, laundry rooms, and more. You won’t regret making this purchase!

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Globe Smart Ambient Light

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

Globe is a smart light bulb that has features like dimming and color changing. The Globe can be controlled from the app with an internet connection, and it has Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT integration. When connected to WiFi, this smart bulb can be controlled from anywhere in the world using your phone. This could come in handy if you’re out of town but want to do things like turn the lights on or off at home for when you arrive or leave. You can also set up a schedule so the lights turn on and off automatically without you having to do anything!

This smart light bulb is great because it works with both iPhones and Android devices so no matter what kind of phone you have, this will work with it!

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Philips Hue Iris Table Lamp

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

Featuring both a table lamp and bedside reading light, the Philips Hue Iris Table Lamp is perfect for your home. With a sleek, modern design and color-changing LEDs, it’s easy to set the mood no matter what you’re doing. Not only does it have a convenient dimming feature, but the table lamp also features USB charging ports so you can charge your phone or tablet at any time.

The best part? You can control this smart lamp from your smartphone or tablet with ease. It’s never been easier to change up the lights at home! Whether you’re looking to give your home a sense of style or get some help getting better sleep, this table lamp is perfect for any occasion.

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