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The best outdoor security cameras for 2022: keep your home safe this year

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022: If you want to keep an eye on your home and loved ones when you aren’t there, the best thing you can do is install outdoor security cameras. But it can be difficult to choose between so many options—not only are there many brands and models on the market, but every manufacturer offers different features and performance standards as well. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best outdoor security cameras available today in our comprehensive guide, The Best Outdoor Security Cameras For 2022.

    Eufy SoloCam L40

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    The Eufy SoloCam L40 is a popular choice among homeowners looking to protect their property. It features an easy installation process, which is perfect for those who are new to installing outdoor security equipment. The camera has a sleek design that blends in easily with the exterior of any home, allowing it to blend into the background and be discreet. It also offers two-way audio so you can speak with anyone on your property even if they aren’t in sight of the camera.

    It’s cordless, weatherproof, and has a clear wide-angle lens to capture the perfect shot. Plus, it’s easy to install. The camera offers motion detection and night vision so you’ll know when something happens in either mode. The lens has pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, so you can get the perfect angle no matter where it is installed. If you’re looking to make the most of your budget, then a simple surveillance system like the Eufy SoloCam L40 is a good option

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    Wyze Cam v3

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    Wyze Cam is a sleek, feature-packed outdoor security camera that offers excellent video quality and night vision. It supports two-way audio and lives streaming with a 100° field of view. With Wyze Cam, you’ll know what’s happening at your house 24/7, 365 days a year. It can be mounted anywhere with the included wall or ceiling mount, or you can stand it on its own in the yard to record activity outside.

    The 130-degree viewing angle captures all the action so nothing is missed. And because it doesn’t need a WiFi connection, there are no monthly fees or contracts to worry about! It includes motion alerts and smart motion detection (turns on automatically when movement is detected). Plus it has an intelligent sleep mode that kicks in when nothing has happened after 30 seconds of recording. So if any intruders are hiding out in the bushes across from your window, they won’t know they’re being watched!

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    The ring has always been a favorite among homeowners with its easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use, and reliability. The latest version of Ring Spotlight Cam Pro can now be monitored by Alexa so you can turn it on and off with just voice commands! The camera is also weatherproof, which means it will last through rain or shine. The video quality is HD 1080p which means that you can see every detail in crystal clear quality.

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    And the motion detection is nearly flawless – even better than other models of Ring! Ring Spotlight Cam Pro has two-way audio, which means you can speak with whoever’s around the camera from anywhere in the world. Plus, the camera comes with a free 3-month cloud storage subscription. Get started today and live worry-free knowing your property is safe!

    Lorex Outdoor 1080p Security Camera

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    If you’re looking for an economical, high-quality camera that can be used inside or outside of the house, then the Lorex Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Security Camera is a great option. This camera comes with a wide variety of features that make it well worth the price tag. For example, it has night vision and weatherproof casing so you can install it anywhere outside and be sure that it will work in any conditions.

    The camera also records in HD quality and comes with two-way audio so you can monitor what’s happening at any time while still being able to speak to whoever is on the other side of the lens. Plus, installation is incredibly simple with its built-in mounting bracket and plug-and-play features. Best of all, it connects to your WiFi network and doesn’t require a constant power supply – which means that it’ll work even if the power goes out!

    Blink Outdoor security camera

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    Blink is a wireless, battery-powered and weatherproof security camera that you can use to monitor the exterior of your house. Blink’s motion detection technology will send notifications when there are disturbances outside, and the camera will start recording footage automatically. Blink can be accessed through a smartphone app that lets you see what’s going on in real time from anywhere. It’s an easy way to stay connected with what’s happening at home and feel more secure about who has access to your property.

    With Blink, there are no monthly fees or contracts to sign, so you’ll only pay upfront. Plus, the system integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices so you can set up routines (or scenes) with just a few words. It also works with other smart devices like Nest Thermostats or Wink Relays to provide even more features.

    ZUMIMALL Outdoor Security Camera

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

    The ZUMIMALL Outdoor Security Camera Wireless is a wifi-enabled camera that features an HD 1080p recording and night vision. It also has a motion sensor, two-way audio, and mobile notifications. The camera works with IFTTT and Nest products, meaning you can arm it to turn on lights when it detects motion or receives notifications when the alarm is triggered.
    ZUMIMALL’s outdoor surveillance camera also has a wide viewing angle of about 120 degrees, so it won’t miss anything important happening in front of the lens. It will send you alerts for any detected movement (even if there isn’t sound) so that you can check on what’s happening at any time of day or night. What’s more, ZUMIMALL offers 12 hours of continuous battery life from its built-in rechargeable battery, which means you don’t have to worry about constantly charging the unit.

    If something goes wrong, the wireless connection offers protection from hackers because it doesn’t use Wi-Fi protocol; instead, it uses 2.4 GHz transmission frequency signals. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices—and as an added bonus, there are no monthly fees!

    The best outdoor security cameras for 2022

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