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Is someone tracking you with an AirTag? How to check Easily

    Is someone tracking you with an AirTag?: Are you anxious that somebody might be tracing your movements with an AirTag? There are others who feel the same, if so. The rising popularity of Apple’s AirTags has got people anxious about their being tracked unknowingly. Today’s article will demonstrate how to identify if someone is tracking you via an AirTag and what measures you should take.

    How to know if you’re being tracked with an AirTag

    If you suspect that someone may be tracking you with an AirTag, here’s how to check:

    1. Check for an AirTag in your vicinity

    The first step is to check your surroundings for any unfamiliar AirTag devices. Look for a small circular device with an Apple logo on it. The device will emit a sound when you get close to it, so keep an ear out for any unusual sounds.

    1. Check your Apple devices

    If you have an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, you can use the Find My app to see if you’re being tracked by an AirTag. Open the app and check for any nearby devices that are not yours. If you see an AirTag that you don’t recognize, you may be under surveillance.

    1. Look for any suspicious behavior

    If you notice any suspicious behavior such as someone following you or acting strangely, it may be an indication that they’re tracking you with an AirTag. Keep a watchful eye on your surroundings and report any concerning activity to the authorities.

    1. Check for any notifications

    If an AirTag is tracking you, your iPhone may alert you with a notification. The alert will tell you that an unknown AirTag is following you and give you instructions on what to do.

    When you suspect being tracked by an AirTag, it’s crucial to act without delay. Contacting the authorities and reporting the situation is the initial step. They hold the capacity to aid you in recognizing the individual who is observing your activities and taking proper actions to ensure your safety. Moreover, disabling the AirTag via the Find My app and altering your regular activities may be advisable in order to prevent any further tracking.

    someone tracking you with an AirTag?
    someone tracking you with an AirTag

    What to do if you’re being tracked with an AirTag

    If you find that you are indeed being tracked, disable AirTag. To disable AirTag, turn the metal side with the Apple logo toward you, then push the logo and turn it counter clockwise. This will allow you to remove both the cover and battery.😐
    If your safety is at risk, Apple’s support page for AirTag recommends contacting the police. To help, they can work with Apple to get the information attached to the item and will require the AirTag, AirPods, Find My network accessory and device serial number.

    To obtain a serial number, place your iPhone or NFC enabled smartphone on the white side of the AirTag and visit the website with the serial number displayed.
    It is possible that a partial phone number of the person who has the tracking device will appear when viewing this page.

    To further protect yourself, consider changing your daily routines and avoiding places or routes that could be used to track you. Also, consider investing in personal safety devices such as a whistle, pepper spray, or personal alarm to deter any potential stalkers.

    How to Minimize the Risk of AirTag Tracking

    As much as Apple has designed AirTag for helping you track and locate your misplaced items, it could also be used by others to track your movements. To avoid this situation, it is important to take steps to minimize the risk of AirTag tracking.

    1. Update your Apple device✅: Make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch has the latest software updates to enable safety features such as automatic detection of AirTags that are not yours.
    2. Be vigilant of your surroundings✅: Always be aware of the items around you and any AirTag that might be following you. If you happen to notice an unfamiliar AirTag around you, follow the steps below to determine if it’s tracking you.
    3. Remove the battery✅: One way to minimize the risk of AirTag tracking is by removing the battery. If you’re not using an AirTag to track your items, remove its battery or disable the Find My feature in your device settings.
    4. Enable Find My alerts✅: By enabling ‘Find My’ alerts, you’ll be notified if an AirTag that’s not yours is in your proximity for a long time.
    5. Contact authorities✅: If you suspect someone is using an AirTag to stalk you, contact the police immediately. You can also contact Apple for further assistance in resolving the situation.

    How To Check Who an AirTag Belongs To

    When there’s suspicion of someone else tracking your whereabouts with an AirTag, just utilize either a non-apple smartphone or your iPhone for information regarding its owner. Gently hold up an AirTag next to your phone’s upper part, then select and touch its appearing notification.

    A website will open up after clicking on the notification, which allows you to view both your AirTag’s serial code and its owner’s phone numbers’ final four numerals. Be certain to record the details by capturing a screenshot on your iPhone.

    someone tracking you with an AirTag?
    someone tracking you with an AirTag


    How long can an AirTag track you?

    The AirTag had a three-day tracking limit upon its initial release by Apple. The company, for safety reasons, has shortened it to 24 hours. This modification aims to lower the possibility of individuals exploiting AirTags for nefarious purposes, such as stalking someone without their consent or awareness over an extended duration.

    How often does an AirTag track your location?

    AirTags are designed to constantly update their location to ensure accurate tracking. If you are in a busy area with potentially lots of iPhones, your location can be updated every minute or two. In quieter areas, the update frequency may be slower, but it will still track your location regularly.

    How long does it take for an AirTag to notify you?

    Apple has designed AirTags to beep at a random interval between 8 and 24 hours after moving away from their linked iPhone.
    if you hear an insistent beeping sound, similar to a smoke alarm battery, it’s time to investigate. But keep in mind that this is only applicable if the person tracking you has linked the AirTag to their own iPhone and not to yours.

    How far to AirTags track?

    As per Apple’s explanation, AirTags use Bluetooth connectivity exclusively and therefore can only establish communication within a short distance of about 15–30 feet from the owner’s iPhone. The AirTag owner can track your precise location in real-time if you are inside this range.

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