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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3: Are you interested in buying a smartwatch that helps you with tracking your alerts, keeping track of your fitness objectives, and giving you control over your music? If this is the case, you might consider purchasing either the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 from Samsung. These two smartwatches are among the best that can be purchased currently, but how do they stack up against one another? In this post, we will compare the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 in order to help you in making a decision regarding which one is best for you.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3


    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 differ primarily in terms of their software and features. Every Samsung smartwatch since the Galaxy Watch 3 has come with Google’s WearOS software, with some tweaks from Samsung.

    The company’s Tizen operating system, meanwhile, is now aging. While Tizen 5.5 is still a reliable operating system for most daily tasks, WearOS has become a game changer since Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 with it with its advancements and improvements. You can use third-party apps on your Galaxy Watch 5 in addition to faster and smoother performance.

    As WearOS improves and expands, more third-party apps will be added. As Samsung no longer works with Tizen, the Galaxy Watch 3 won’t receive any major software updates anytime soon. This means the smartwatch is rapidly becoming outdated as WearOS advances and Tizen fades away.


    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3

    Besides that, the various features on the Watch 3 started to reveal themselves to have lower reliability than before, having come out three years ago. The inaccuracies of the device’s health sensors have led many people to assume it is utterly useless. On the other hand, the Watch 5 features a curved back design that puts its various health sensors in a better position to reliably provide data to its users.

    The Galaxy Watch 5 also has a number of new features not available on the Watch 3, such as sleep coaching and workout detection. For most intents and purposes, this would suggest that the performance improvements outweigh the absence of the more premium features. However, it should be noted that there is only 1.5GB of RAM available compared to the 1GB found in the Watch 3. There’s 16GB of onboard storage space available so you don’t need to worry about a slower smartwatch.

    Galaxy Watch 5 also features a more powerful Exynos W920, which provides a 10 percent faster performance compared to the Watch 3. When it was released, the Watch 5 started at $280 (depending on the model), which makes it very close to the asking price of a Galaxy Watch 3.

    Durability and design

    Galaxy Watch 5 might have been a small upgrade from the Galaxy Watch 4, but the Galaxy Watch 3 owners will find quite a few improvements.

    A new curved back allows the BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) sensor to connect with the wrist better, giving more accurate readings. Interestingly, the Watch 5 is just slightly more durable than the Watch 4, due to changes to the standard.

    With the Galaxy Watch 5, the display measures between 1.9 and 1.36 inches, depending on the model. The Galaxy Watch 3 has a slightly larger display and larger model sizes. The differences are minuscule and aren’t noticeable during normal use.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3

    The Galaxy Watch 5 also features a brighter and more refined display than the Watch 3. And, thanks to its newer grade of Gorilla Glass, you can enjoy its clearer picture without worrying about bumps and scrapes.
    While both smartwatches feel good on your wrist, the Galaxy Watch 5’s upgraded display and design make it a better fit, especially for those who want to use the various health sensors.

    There are great bands available for both Galaxy Watch 5 sizes that have a 20mm width, which offers more versatility. A 20mm band can be used on the Watch 3’s 41mm model, but a 22mm band is required on the Watch 3’s 45mm model. Depending on your model, finding different band options may be harder due to the difference in band sizes.

    Battery Life

    The battery life on both the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 3 is quite impressive. The Galaxy Watch 3 is rated to last up to two days on a single charge, although depending on how you use it, it can be difficult to hit that claimed number.

    Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 5 has improved battery tech that allows it to last longer, even with heavier usage. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch 5 supports faster charging times than its predecessor, allowing you to recharge up to 45 percent of the battery in just 30 minutes of charging. With either watch, you should be able to use their sleep-tracking applications without worrying about the battery dying in the middle of the night.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 3

    Price and availability

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is available in both 40mm and 44mm case sizes, as well as an LTE model with additional costs. You can find it for sale on Amazon, Samsung’s website, and retailers like Best Buy and Walmart. Prices start at $280 for the 40mm model or $310 for the 44mm model, rising to $360 if you opt for the LTE version.

    The Galaxy Watch 3 is much harder to come by, with no listings on Samsung’s website and limited availability through third-party sellers. You can find some listings on Amazon, but they often come at a steeper price than the Watch 5. Most of the new watches will cost you around $200 or more, making it hard to recommend over the newer and more efficient Watch 5.

    Final Words

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a definite upgrade from the Galaxy Watch 3, offering better performance, software, display, and health and fitness tracking features. It is worth considering upgrading from the Galaxy Watch 3 if you’re looking for a more reliable and powerful smartwatch experience. With its longer battery life, brighter display, and more apps available directly on the watch, it’s an upgrade that you won’t regret.

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