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Razer Kishi V2 : The Best Mobile Gaming Controller

    Razer Kishi V2: In the world of mobile gaming, having a controller can make all the difference between an enjoyable experience and giving up entirely. After trying out Razer’s Kishi V2 controller, we couldn’t be happier with our choice. In fact, it’s probably the best mobile gaming controller on the market right now, even when compared to console-like controllers that are twice as expensive! If you’re looking to get some serious gaming done on your Android or iOS device, definitely consider picking one of these up.

    What is Razer Kishi V2?

    Razer is a company that specializes in gaming accessories for PCs, consoles, gaming laptops, and mobile devices. While Razer already offers a lot of different gaming products like mice, keyboards, headsets, and even some laptops; it recently expanded into mobile gaming with its new controller called Razer Kishi V2. This small device connects to your phone over Bluetooth and allows you to play all your favorite games using buttons and analog sticks instead of touch controls. It can also be used as a phone grip or stand while playing so it’s perfect for people who want to game without having to hold their phones in their hands. This review will go over everything you need to know about Razer Kishi V2 so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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    Features & Benefits of Razer Kishi V2

    Razer offers great products that are often light years ahead of their competitors in many ways. This mobile gaming controller is no exception. Here’s a quick look at why it is a great device for mobile gaming enthusiasts.

    • Pause the game and take screenshots with ease
    • No need to play games with just one hand! Whether you want to sip your coffee or do something else for a moment, there’s no need to exit your game and come back later.
    • With Razer Kishi V2’s screenshot function, you can easily pause mid-game and take amazing images of epic moments without compromising your current position.
    • You can even capture screenshots on older devices! Durable and easy to use – Unlike some controllers which feel cheap and break after a few months, Razer Kishi V2 has been built with gamers in mind.
    • It features an ergonomic design that fits perfectly into your hands and is extremely durable thanks to its sturdy build quality.

    It also comes with two USB ports so you can connect to other devices like keyboards or mice if needed. Compatible with all major Android versions – If you have an Android phone (and don’t we all?) then chances are it will work well with Razer Kishi V2 since it supports most versions of Android. In fact, when paired up they work together seamlessly as if they were made for each other!

    Why is it awesome?

    Razer is a powerhouse when it comes to PC gaming peripherals. Their RGB mouse, keyboard, and headset lines are well-reviewed by gamers. Now they’re entering a new market by taking mobile gamepads seriously with their Razer Kish mobile gaming controller. It has all of Razer’s signature style and builds quality—it’s sturdy, solid, and beautiful. But more importantly, it offers features that no other controller does; most notably Chroma LED lighting for your hands (similar to what you get with their RGB products) as well as an analog stick that can be used as a D-pad if you press down on it.

    Razer Kishi V2 : The Best Mobile Gaming Controller
    Razer Kishi V2: The Best Mobile Gaming Controller

    Razer Kishi V2 SPEC

    SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSAndroid™ 9.0 (Pie) or higher
    SUPPORTED PHONE DIMENSIONSSamsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ / S9 / S9+ / S10 / S10+ / S20 Series / S21 Series / S22 SeriesSamsung Galaxy Note 8 / Note 9 / Note 10 / Note 10+ / Note 20 SeriesRazer Phone and Razer Phone 2Google Pixel 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6, and many other Android devicesMax supported smartphone dimensions: 11.5 mm (thickness, including camera) x 170 mm (length)
    SIZES92.2 mm x 180.7 mm x 33.9 mm
    WEIGHT123 g

    Gaming on Razer Kishi V2

    First of all, if you need a mobile gaming controller then you should know that Razer has some very advanced features for gamers. Thanks to its software, players are able to make precise movements without any latency issues at all. In addition, users will have access to precise gamepad controls with different sensitivity options which is much better than those that can be found in other similar devices. Of course, what really makes Razer Kishi V2 stand out from similar products is its amazing sensitivity and responsiveness thanks to customizable tactile buttons and switches; these features really come in handy during serious games such as PUBG or Fortnite Battle Royale for example.

    Gaming on Razer Kishi V2
    Gaming on Razer Kishi V2


    In conclusion, I highly recommend purchasing Razer’s Kishi. It is not only a great mobile gaming device but also an awesome stand-alone controller to be used with your laptop/PC as well. This controller has been my favorite gaming device of all time and it will help you kill time while waiting for your flight or even at school when you’re trying to take a break. I hope you enjoyed my review and if so, feel free to comment down below about how much you loved it! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more of my blogs in the future! 🙂

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