Nvidia Set to Redefine Graphics Card Naming with RTX 4070 Ti Super

It appears that Nvidia is in the process of refreshing its lineup of RTX 40-series graphics cards, with the latest developments hinting at a potential RTX 4070 Ti Super model scheduled for an early release next year.

While Nvidia has previously introduced Super and Ti versions, the combination of “Ti Super” is a first. The nomenclature might raise a few eyebrows, reminiscent of the unconventional naming conventions adopted by some tech brands. For instance, Apple’s M2 Ultra surpasses the M2 Max in performance, implying that “Ultra” is superior to “Max.” The world of tech nomenclature can be quite intriguing.

The buzz around the RTX 4070 Ti Super gained momentum when MEGAsizeGPU shared an image on Twitter, claiming it to be the box logo for this upcoming graphics card. This seemingly convoluted branding could be a consequence of Nvidia’s decision to rebrand the original RTX 4070 Ti, which initially bore the name “RTX 4080 12GB.” Following substantial criticism, Nvidia opted to adjust both the name and pricing of the card.

Nvidia Set to Redefine Graphics Card Naming with RTX 4070 Ti Super

Although the RTX 4070 Ti Super has grabbed recent attention, previous rumors primarily revolved around an RTX 4080 Super refresh. Leakers currently speculate that the new card will feature a substantial increase in core count and is intended to replace the RTX 4080 at the $1,200 price point, thereby pushing down the price of the original model.

Adding to the intrigue, there are also whispers about the RTX 4070 Super, said to be a slightly trimmed-down version of the RTX 4070 Ti with reduced power consumption. Its launch price remains uncertain, but it could potentially fall in the range of $650 to $700. Nvidia’s existing RTX 4070 occupies a price point ranging from $550 to $600, offering a compelling value proposition in the current generation lineup.

If Nvidia indeed introduces these new GPUs, the tech world anticipates their unveiling at CES 2024. This aligns with the predictions of leaker kopite7kimi, known for his consistent track record with Nvidia product launches.

While there’s no official confirmation from Nvidia regarding a Super refresh, such a move would be logical given recent market dynamics. Nvidia has already adjusted the pricing of some GPUs in response to competition from AMD’s RX 7800 XT and RX 7900 XTX. For instance, the RTX 4080 initially debuted at $1,200, but it’s now commonly available for around $1,100. Similarly, the RTX 4070, with an intended price of $600, can be found for as low as $520 through diligent shopping.

In light of these pricing fluctuations, a refresh seems like a logical step for Nvidia to realign the cards with their intended list prices, ideally accompanied by a noteworthy boost in performance.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Nvidia’s next-generation GPUs aren’t expected until 2025, which marks a departure from the typical two-year cadence for desktop GPU releases. Although Nvidia hasn’t officially confirmed a 2025 release, a brief roadmap in a recent presentation suggested that 2024 is not on the horizon for next-gen GPUs.

In summary, the tech world awaits Nvidia’s potential RTX 40-series refresh, with the prospect of the RTX 4070 Ti Super and related models creating substantial anticipation among enthusiasts and consumers alike.

Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/nvidia-rtx-4070-ti-super-box-leak/

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