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How to Remove SOS From Lock Screen of Android Smartphone Easily

    How to Remove SOS From Lock Screen of Android: Are you an Android phone user looking to take the SOS message off of your lock screen? You don’t have to tolerate this potential hazard- it can be easily taken off the lock screen of your Android device. Here we provide some tips on how to guarantee the feature remains deactivated. Let’s start now!

    Why Remove SOS Feature From Your Android Device

    The Emergency SOS feature available on Android devices is undeniably helpful in emergency situations, but it may not be necessary for everyone.

    For those who frequently trigger the feature accidentally or prefer a clean lock screen, disabling it is worth considering.

    Additionally, disabling the SOS feature can prevent false alarms or unwarranted dispatches of emergency services due to unauthorized use or mistakes.

    How to Remove SOS From Lock Screen of Android

    The SOS feature on your Android lock screen can be quite useful in emergencies, but it can also be annoying if you keep triggering it accidentally. If you want to remove this feature from lock screen follow these steps:

    1. Unlock your device with the provided PIN, password, or pattern.
    2. Go to Settings and select Security & Location.
    3. Locate the option Screen Lock or Lock Screen Preferences and tap it.
    4. If present, look for the option Emergency Information or Emergency SOS and tap it.
    5. Locate the option Emergency Information on Lock Screen or Show Emergency Information and switch it off. This should remove the emergency call button from your lock screen. Capture 1
    How to Remove SOS From Lock Screen of Android

    Alternative Method for Removing SOS Messages with App

    • The Play Store offers multiple choices for those who desire to eliminate the SOS feature from their lock screen with the aid of an app. Q Lock Screen is among the available apps, it is user-friendly and can be downloaded for free.
    • Begin by accessing the Play Store and browsing for Q Lock Screen. Download and open the Q Lock Screen application on your device.
    • Navigate to the settings menu within the app to customize the lock screen and its various features, such as the emergency button.
    • You can effortlessly eliminate the SOS function by deactivating the emergency button switch. The emergency button will vanish from your lock screen once it’s done, so you won’t unexpectedly activate it. If you want to bring back the emergency button on your lock screen later, simply go back to the Q Lock Screen app’s settings menu and turn on the switch. The number of words in the text remains unchanged.
    • In conclusion, eliminating the SOS capability from your lock screen is an uncomplicated task that can be completed in mere moments. The approach you select – be it via the Android settings or third-party software such as Q Lock Screen – is entirely dependent on your preferences and requirements.
    How to Remove SOS From Lock Screen of Android
    How to Remove SOS From Lock Screen of Android

    Practicing Good Habits to Avoid Unwanted Visibility of SOS Information

    In case of emergencies, having an SOS feature on your lock screen can be helpful. There might be situations where you would choose to withhold this information confidentially. To avoid unintended exposure of your SOS information, it is advisable to practice the following good practices:

    1. Always keep your phone with you. Refrain from abandoning it in public places where others may have access to your lock screen information.
    2. Use a strong passcode or biometric authentication. This will make it challenging for anyone to unlock your phone and access your SOS feature.
    3. Be careful to whom you lend your phone. Only lend your device to people you trust completely.
    4. Keep your phone up-to-date with the most recent security patches and software updates. This can help prevent any vulnerabilities that might be exploited to access your SOS feature.

    By adhering to these good habits, you can decrease the likelihood of unwanted visibility of your SOS feature on your Android lock screen.

    How to Turn On Emergency Call On Android?

    It’s crucial to have quick access to emergency contacts and services during an emergency. Android devices have a feature called Emergency Call that can be accessed from the lock screen.

    steps must be followed to activate it:

    • go to the Settings app and select About phone.
    • From there, choose Emergency Information and toggle on Emergency Information and Share when the screen is locked.
    • You can then enter your personal information and emergency contacts.
    • Once you’ve saved the changes, you can access the Emergency Call feature by selecting Emergency on the PIN/pattern screen.
    • To ensure your SOS information is only available to trusted contacts, it’s important to practice good habits and avoid unwanted visibility.

    What Happens If You Accidentally Press SOS On Android?

    Inadvertently hitting the Emergency Call option on an Android usually activates a previously set emergency phone number, which may differ depending on the location, carrier, and device preferences. 😐After the call is made, the user can communicate with a specialized emergency services representative, who can render assistance or deploy emergency services when required. Conversely, it is crucial to bear in mind that this functionality should solely be employed in legitimate emergency circumstances to refrain from occupying valuable resources that could be necessary for someone in a more severe condition.

    How to Remove SOS From Lock Screen of Android
    How to Remove SOS From Lock Screen of Android


    Why is SOS on my screen?

    The carrier field on your mobile screen displays a warning message that says SOS Only or SOS. This indicates that your iPhone’s calling feature is limited to dialing emergency numbers like 911 (US), 112 (Europe), 999 (UK), or 000 (Australia).

    How do I stop accidental SOS?

    To prevent your phone from dialing 911 without your intention, you can follow these steps on both Android and iOS.
    Open the Settings app and locate Emergency SOS.
    Once there, you can disable the “Auto Call” option on iOS or “Call emergency services” option on Android.
    This will ensure that Emergency SOS does not automatically initiate a call to 911.✔️

    How do I change SOS settings on Android?

    To activate Emergency SOS messages, go to the Settings app and locate Safety & Emergency by scrolling down. On One UI, this option can be found in the Advanced Settings menu. Once there, toggle the Send SOS messages switch to enable the feature.

    How do I change SOS settings on Samsung?

    1. Open your Settings menu and select Advanced features.
    2. Scroll down until you find the Send SOS message option and tap on it.
    3. Toggle the Send SOS message button on.
    4. Agree on the Terms & Conditions
    5. Tap Add to designate an emergency contact.


    Throughout this article, we have covered the process of turning off the SOS feature on your Android lock screen. While it can be a useful tool during emergencies, unintentionally triggering it may create unwanted confusion or attention. To deactivate this function, you can either make use of an app or adhere to the instructions specified in your mobile settings. To prevent unnecessary emergency calls or the disclosure of personal details it is essential to develop good habits, such as keeping your device secure and familiarizing yourself with the emergency call feature. Stay safe and use your device features wisely.✓


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