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How Accurate is Apple’s Find My iPhone App?

    How Accurate is Apple’s Find My iPhone App?: Have you ever misplaced your iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods? If so, you likely know of the Apple Find My app. If so, then you are most likely aware of the Find My application developed by Apple. This app fuses the use of location service (GPS), Wi-Fi hotspots, online access, cell sites, and Bluetooth to support users in finding their gadgets. There are two variations of the app, with one suitable for devices with iOS 13 or later and macOS Catalina or later and another for those with iOS 12 or earlier and macOS Mojave. How precise is the Find My iPhone app, though?

    What is the Find My iPhone App?

    Apple’s Find My iPhone App is an incredibly useful service for finding, locking and wiping the data on lost or stolen iPhones. It is available to use through the iCloud website or the downloadable app, which can be accessed on a second device.

    The app will help you track your phone’s location, lock it remotely and even erase all its data in case of theft or loss. You can also receive notifications when your iPhone is located and locked. The Find My iPhone App also provides options to play a sound, display a message or lock the phone remotely if it’s been misplaced but not stolen.

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    How Accurate is Apple’s Find My iPhone App?

    Features of Find My iPhone App

    Here are some of the features that make Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ app an important tool to track any device:

    Locate and Track your Device

    The ‘Locate and Track’ feature of Find My app enables you to identify and pinpoint the whereabouts of any of your Apple devices on a map. Even if you believe the battery to be low, you can still track it with the help of the app or on When the battery runs critically low, your device will mark its last location before it becomes entirely depleted.

    Enable Offline Finding for Additional Security

    Find My app is adept at identifying the exact location of devices with the use of the internet and various other resources. If your device’s network is turned on, the app will be able to locate the device even with no internet connection. This setting is essential for extra safety and security to protect your devices.

    Use Play a Sound to Locate your Device

    You can utilize the ‘Play a Sound’ feature of the Find My iPhone App, which will produce a sound or beep on your device, to help you locate it even if it is in close proximity.

    Activation Lock for Extra Protection

    Find My iPhone can only be deactivated, data wiped, or the device reactivated with your Apple ID and password, as Activation Lock is a built-in function automatically enabled when the app is turned on.

    Lost Mode for Your Device

    This mode will enable you to lock down your iPhone and also display a message of your own. For instance, you can display the message “I lost my phone, please contact me on 012345679 if you find it.” This way, anyone who finds the phone will be able to contact you without accessing it.

    How Accurate Is Find My iPhone?

    Find My iPhone is not a guaranteed solution, yet it can help in locating your device in certain conditions. Apple declares that the application is precise to a few feet, and if you take the time to activate its ‘Last Known Location’ feature, you will be able to keep track of your device’s location even if it runs out of battery or is switched off.

    Sadly, there are some scenarios that may make the app less accurate, such as structures, trees, or bad climates. This implies that if you notice a green circle in the Find My app, it doesn’t unavoidably mean your device is there.
    In the end, Find My iPhone can be an excellent tool for discovering your lost or stolen device, yet like the majority of technologies, it isn’t fail-proof.

    Establishing the ‘Last Known Location’ feature is an incredible way to ensure you can still find your phone even if it exhausts its power or gets shut down.

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    How Accurate is Apple’s Find My iPhone App?

    How to Use Find My iPhone

    Follow these instructions:

    The iPhone ‘Find My’ App is an excellent tool for locating a misplaced, lost or stolen iPhone 13 for example). Here is a useful step by step guide on how you can make use of Find My iPhone (note there may be minor variations to this process depending on your model).

    First, access the ‘Settings’ on your mobile device. Then, select “Find My” by tapping your name. Additionally, turn on the Share My Location option if you would like other people to be aware of your whereabouts. You may activate the feature by tapping Find My [device] and picking your device’s name.

    Utilize the Find My network to view your device even if it is disconnected from the internet. If you desire Apple to get the location of your device when the power is low, enable Send Last Location.

    Lastly, make sure that Location Services is switched on if you intend to find your device on a map. To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn on Location Services.


    Can Find My iPhone track my device even if it’s turned off?

    Yes, Apple’s Find My iPhone app is designed to be able to track your device even if it is switched off. To locate an iPhone which has been turned off, you will first need to ensure Find My is activated. Then, you can track your device through a browser at after logging in with your Apple ID. Alternatively, you may use the Find My app on a Mac computer or an additional iPhone if you have one.

    Can Find My iPhone track my device if it’s in airplane mode?

    No, Find My iPhone cannot track a device that is in airplane mode. This means that your device cannot be located using the app.

    Why is Find My iPhone not accurate?

    The efficacy of the Find My iPhone feature is dependent on GPS. GPS technology allows for location accuracy within a range of a couple of meters or a few hundred meters. However, this is restricted when using GPS in buildings, since signals from satellites may not reach inside.


    Find My iPhone is a great app if you need to track down your iPhone if it goes missing. It can be accurate if the iPhone has a strong GPS signal, and the ‘Play Sound’ feature can help you locate it when you are close enough. If you are extra worried about losing your device, you can buy an AirTag holder case and use the same Find My network app. In any case, it’s better to be safe than sorry so make sure to enable Find My iPhone before something unfortunate happens.

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