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Dark Spots on Your iPhone Screen? Try These 5 Easy Fix

    Dark Spots on Your iPhone Screen: Spending several hours on your phone daily, that ugly black spot is really off-putting. Trying to enjoy movies or messaging while being distracted by the black spot in the corner can be irritating. The great news is you can take action! We have crafted a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to eliminate the black spots from your phone screen. 😐All the methods have been summarized in one place to help you get back to the fun in no time, without having to try and figure out the technical details.

    Why is there a Dark Spot on My iPhone Screen?

    When you observe a dark spot or patch on your iPhone, it typically comes down to the display. The root causes of the problem are commonly connected to hardware malfunctions.

    Most often, the dark spot on your phone is the consequence of a certain number of pixels not working properly. This can be attributed to either physical harm, a defect in the phone, or issues with the battery. Unfortunately, in most instances, there is no way to mend these dead pixels yourself.

    It is also possible that the pixels are just stuck, meaning they are only displaying a single color. This is a lesser problem in comparison as it implies that the pixels are not adequately collaborating. As a result, either black patches or weirdly colored ones can show up.

    If your iPhone has been through any kind of tough impact, dirt, moisture, or water damage, it is likely that the LCD screen is damaged. It is possible that the backlight is damaged, causing a dark spot to appear.

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    Dark Spots on Your iPhone Screen

    How to Fix Dark Spot on iPhone Screen

    Here are some easy and quick fix for dark spots on iPhone screens.

    Dark spots on iPhone screens can be repaired in several ways. It is recommended that you take it to an Apple Store or certified service provider instead. The system software can be updated to resolve the issue of dark spots on the iPhone screen. Allowing your device to run down completely and then recharging it could also solve the problem.

    You can also try switching it off leaving it in the sun and then turning it back on. It has also been suggested to place the device in a rice packet for twelve hours to draw out any moisture.

    The dark spots should not be removed with a heat gun. Excessive heat can result in permanent damage and even battery failure. In addition

    This method is extremely dangerous for the person performing it as well as the phone. For assistance visit an Apple Store or a service provider if none of the above techniques work.

    Some Additional Steps

    Clean your screen✅

    If dark spots on your iPhone screen has got you worried, fear not. There’s an easy solution: hit it with a little spring cleaning! Gently wipe down your screen with a microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth.

    Don’t go crazy and use any harsh chemicals or abrasives, as these can damage your screen – and make sure to avoid getting any moisture in your phone’s ports or openings. And voilà – no more dark spots, and a bright and shiny screen! The moral of the story? Cleanliness is next to godliness (or gadgetliness!).

    Relieve the pressure✅

    Too much pressure = bad news for your iPhone. Stop carrying it in your back pocket and be gentle with it. Swollen battery? Replace it ASAP! For any other issues, find a pro to fix ‘er up. That’ll stop the dark spots from happening again!

    Fix the screen damage✅

    Got dark spots on your iPhone screen? It’s likely that you’ve got screen damage! 😐If it’s still under warranty, contact the manufacturer’s support to see if they will cover the repair. If not, head to a reputable repair shop or try replacing the screen yourself – there are online tutorials to guide you. Get it fixed with enthusiasm and confidence!

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    Dark Spots on Your iPhone Screen


    Do Dark spots on phones spread?

    The answer is yes😔 it can spread, but the likelihood of that happening depends on the cause of the spot.
    A dark spot on an LCD screen is typically caused by pressure on one spot, often from behind the screen. This pressure can damage the pixels in that area and cause them to appear black. If the pressure is consistent or increases, it can potentially damage more pixels and cause the spot to spread.

    Do I need to change the screen if a dark spot appears?

    Many iPhone users panic when they see a dark spot on their screen. It can be alarming to see a seemingly permanent mark on your expensive device. However 🥺 don’t jump to the conclusion that you need to replace the entire screen just yet. In most cases, a dark spot can be fixed without needing to spend hundreds of dollars on a screen replacement.?

    there are many possible causes of dark spots on an iPhone screen. Before deciding to replace the entire screen, try some of these simple troubleshooting tips to see if the problem can be resolved.

    Can I fix dark spots on an iPhone screen myself?

    We do not recommend this because fixing dark spots on iPhones requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Attempting to fix it yourself may cause further damage to the device and void any warranty.❌


    In conclusion, dark spots on your iPhone screen can be obnoxious and disruptive, but luckily, they can be fixed without having to replace your entire phone! Cleaning your screen, checking for software updates, relieving pressure on the screen, fixing any physical damage or disabling auto-brightness and using Night Shift are all simple solutions you can try to get rid of those pesky dark spots.

    When all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out for expert assistance. With this in mind, you’ll have your iPhone up and running with a bright and brilliant display in no time! So go ahead – take charge and conquer those dark spots today with upbeat enthusiasm!

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