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7 College Dorm Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

    Dorm Gadgets: When you move away to college, you don’t want to feel homesick or out of place. You want your dorm room to be a welcoming place that feels like home, and the best way to make that happen is by having the right dorm gadgets at your disposal. Whether you’re bringing an old TV from home or trying to use the tiny one provided by your school, there are plenty of dorm accessories that will make campus life more comfortable and convenient for you, including these seven essential Dorm Gadgets for making your dorm room feel like home.

    The Roomba

    While it may not be as cool as being a Jedi Knight, having your own little robotic vacuum cleaner is pretty awesome. Roombas come with a simple charging base that you leave under your bed, closet, or wherever else it’s convenient. As soon as you see an out-of-charge warning light (it flashes when low on juice), all you have to do is set down a small dirt bin and press start. Your Roomba will automatically return to its base, recharge itself and await another mission! Better yet, many Roombas are now Wi-Fi enabled for remote control via your smartphone or tablet; letting you conveniently clean your dorm room from anywhere. With their reasonable price tag and convenient features, these are one of our favorite gadgets for college students!

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    Roku Express

    The Roku Express dorm gadget is an all-in-one streaming device that makes it easy to view your favorite movies and TV shows, both on the big screen in your dorm room or in the privacy of your own home.

    The Roku Express is compatible with thousands of streaming channels, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO GO/NOW, Sling TV, and more. With a simple remote control included with your Roku Express dorm gadget purchase, you can easily search for content by category (like comedy or drama) or actor/director name.

    With its compact design and lightweight build, installing your new Roku Express dorm gadget is as simple as plugging it into an HDMI port on your television set. The device also comes with a power cord so you can connect it right away without having to worry about batteries.

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    Keurig K-Mini Single-serve Coffee Maker

    The Keurig K-Mini Single-serve Coffee Maker is the perfect dorm gadget. It’s small, sleek, and simple—just the thing to enhance your dorm experience!

    The Keurig K-Mini Single-serve Coffee Maker has a sleek design that you’ll love to show off in your dorm room. The stainless steel exterior makes it look great on any countertop, even if you’re not using it right away.

    It brews only one cup at a time and can brew up to four cups when used with compatible pods or ground coffee. You can choose from over 100 different flavors of coffee!

    It’s perfect for students who are looking for something small but still want the convenience of espresso machine technology at home.

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    Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

    The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen) dorm gadget is a fantastic addition to any dorm room. It allows you to ask for help when you need it, which will save you from having to walk over to the TV or computer if something is not working properly. This dorm room gadget also has a built-in speaker so that you can listen to music or podcasts while doing homework, which is a huge bonus! The speaker quality is also very good, which makes this dorm gadget one of the best gifts for college students on your list!

    If you are looking for a new way to stay connected with friends and family members who live far away from you, then this dorm gadget is your answer. It has many features that make it easy for users to use without having their hands tied behind their backs. You can set reminders in advance so that they are ready when they need them most (for example: “remind me at 3 pm tomorrow”). You can also set alarms so that everything will be taken care of when it needs attention.”

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    Cuisinart EvolutionX portable wireless blender

    The Cuisinart EvolutionX portable wireless blender dorm gadgets are a great way to make smoothies and other drinks on demand. Not only is it easy to use, but it also helps you save time and money when preparing meals.

    The blender can be used for making smoothies, soups, dips, and other food items with an added bonus of being able to make cold drinks as well. The blender comes with an integrated electric cord that allows you to conveniently keep it close at hand without having to worry about tripping over wires or cords.

    It has an LCD display that allows you to see how many cups of liquid remain in the pitcher when preparing your drinks before turning off the device so that it doesn’t leak any more juice than necessary while blending. The machine also has a built-in timer that lets you set how long you want it for before turning off automatically after the designated amount of time has passed so that no matter what time of day or night it may be there will always be enough time in order for you to finish making whatever drink or meal item needs finishing off.

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    Govee Smart Lights

    Govee Smart Lights is one of the perfect dorm gadgets for students who need to study and sleep. This Smart Lights features a built-in LED light, which means you can use it as a lamp or as a nightlight in your room. The device also has a motion sensor, so it will turn on automatically when you walk into the room, then turn off after 15 seconds. It’s easy to set up, too—just plug it into your computer and follow the instructions.

    The Govee Smart Lights dorm gadget comes with a remote control so you can adjust the brightness of the light yourself! This way, you won’t be bothered by bright lights in bed at night—you can just put down your book or take a nap without having to worry about whether or not your roommate is watching TV.

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    Shark Wandvac

    The Shark Wandvac dorm gadget is an innovative product that is designed to help you in cleaning your room and other areas in your dormitory. The product has been developed by Shark, a company that has been manufacturing electronic products for many years. The product has been designed with the aim of making cleaning easy and safe. It comes with a unique design which makes it easy to use and store.

    It comes with a built-in vacuum cleaner which helps you clean all areas of the room efficiently without wasting time or effort. The wand can easily be inserted into any area of the room so that it can remove dirt from any surface. You can also use it on beds and chairs, tables, and other furniture items without causing damage or hurting them due to its long rubber bristles. It also comes with an adjustable telescopic tube which allows you to adjust its length according to your needs and preferences so that you can reach every corner of your room without any difficulties or problems whatsoever!

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